The objective of a scientific production profile is to provide a bibliometric analysis of the scientific performance of regions. The scientific production profiles are generally based on a selected set of bibliometric indicators that aim to compare scientific performance across geographies (regions, but also countries).Scientific profiles and regional benchmarking of these profiles are important for the analysis of the context of a region as it facilitates a comparison of all aspects of a region’s performance in relation to science, main fields of science and specialisation patterns of regional academic systems. When benchmarked to other regions, it can be a valuable tool to identify weaknesses and strengths, and link them to overall regional performance.

The elaboration of scientific profiles is based on Publication data. The data source for this application is Scopus. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Although Scopus allows users to download multiple kind of information (bibliometric indicators, document titles, citations, etc.), it does not provide easy access to all this kind of data. However everyone can download batches of data containing information on the number, subject areas and year of publications for a certain location, which can be used to create a benchmarking analysis for regions, cities or countries concerning the performance of each location in relation to science.

The logical steps of the application, based on its methodological description are:

  • Step 1. Visit Scopus to search for the publications within a city, region or country.(Click Here to see how)
  • Step 2. Extraction of the selected data in .csv format using the tools provided by Scopus.
  • Step 3. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to download the data for all the regions the user is interested in.
  • Step 4. Upload the previously extracted data to the Scientific Production Profile Application.
  • Step 5. Report synthesis and regional scientific production profile overview.
Figure 1 Overview of the information flows within the Regional Scientific Production Profile application.

Figure 1 Overview of the information flows within the Regional Scientific Production Profile application.